Aircraft Price List


    Please be aware if you cancel your booking less than 24 hours prior to your booked time or failure to attend your appointed time, you will be charged a                          cancellation  fee. This cancellation fee will cover administrative and organisational costs incured to NSW AIR Flight Training.




Scenic Flight Prices

                     Theory Exams and briefings

The RPL Theory pack

Included in the package is: 

  • 12 classroom instructional classes valued at $1020
  • Our complete RPL training guide & briefing handouts valued at $100

Total value = $1120

To book your RPL Theory Parkage, call our friendly staff on (02) 4256 1001

RPL Package

Included in the package is: 

  • Log Book
  • Crew Cap
  • Bob Tait RPL Study Book Vol 1
  • Briefing Handouts/study guide =$100
  • 25 hrs Aircraft hire Dual @ $360/hr = $9,000
  • 5 hrs Aircraft hire Solo @ $360/hr = $1,800
  • SIM 1 hr Dual @ $150/hr = $150
  • Briefings 
  • Exams 3 @ $80 = $240
  • Flight Test Aircraft hire 1.2hr @ $285/hr = $342 
  • Administration fee

Total Value – Pay as you go = $12,907

*Note: Cost’s excluded ASiC and Medical, also  RPL ATO Test Fee POA

Non refundable unless the loss of Medical or inability to obtain a medical, in which case the remaining training will be refunded. A letter from your DAME will also be required.

Any additional hours to achieve competency to MOS standards will be at additional normal rates.                                                                 * Fuel Prices change on a regular basis and will effect our overall costs, therefore these prices are subject to change.

To book your RPL Package, Call our Friendly staff on (02) 4256 1001