Private Pilots Licence


With this licence you can go almost anywhere


Phase IV – Private Pilot Licence

This phase of flying training consists of nine cross country flights including two of which are done solo. During this phase, you will learn now to plan and execute a cross country navigation exercise over different terrain and airspace.

This is designed to prepare you for the Private Pilot Licence which will allow you to fly anywhere in the country and even overseas if the flight is done in an Australian Registered aircraft.

Flying Training

Mix of short and longer flights. Check the weather, the best route, visual navigation, track keeping and radio procedures, fuel and load planning. It’ll all fall into place!


Theory Training –

Gaining the theory knowledge required to pass the CASA private pilots examination (PPLA). Completed as either private study, TAFE or NSW Air ground school. Also study to pass Flight Radiotelephone Operator’s Licence Exam.

PPL Flight test – 2.5 hours dual cross-country.

 Approximate Training from RPL to PPL

Theory Briefing 

Training in a Piper Archer

19 hrs dual 

5 hrs solo 

Navigation briefing 3 

BIF Training SIM 2 hr 

PPL PEXO exam 

Flight Test 2.5 hrs 

Flight Test Fee = Price on Application


*Prices are subject to change. This is an estimate on the minimum hours as per CASA licence requirements. This training can vary depending on each student’s individual needs.