Initial Multi Engine


Initial Multi-Engine Endorsement

A step towards more advanced aircraft

The Initial Multi Engine Endorsement teaches you to operate an aircraft with two engines. You will learn how to operate it with both engines operating normally and also how to deal with ‘Asymmetric’ or Single Engine operations.

Ideally, you would’ve already achieved the Manual Pitch Propeller and Retractable Undercarriage endorsements prior to commencing your initial twin. However, these two endorsements can be combined with your initial multi engine endorsement. Allow an extra hour to the below training costs.

NSW AIR has a curriculum of training of 10 hours dual for initial twin endorsement on the Beechcraft Duchess (BE76). Duchess conversions are available if you are endorsed on another twin.

 Approximate Training hours in Beechcraft Duchess BE-76

10.0 hrs 

Plus Aircraft Hire for Flight Test

Plus Flight Test Fee = Price on Application

*Prices are subject to change. This is estimate on the minimum hours as per CASA licence requirements. The training time can vary depending on each student’s individual needs.