Constant Speed Prop and Retractable Undercarriage

Manual Pitch Propeller / Retractable Undercarriage

A step towards high performance aircraft

These are really two separate design features found on most high performance aircraft. Flown in the CESSNA 182, they are slightly more complex than the Piper Challenger or Piper Warrior and provide an excellent step-up in performance.

The endorsement includes briefing and training in use of the propeller pitch lever and the retractable undercarriage. These feature endorsements are valid across aircraft types, but you will need a thorough check out onto any new type you encounter.

 Approximate Training hours in CESSNA182

Brief – 2 

Approx. 6.0 hrs + Landings


*Prices are subject to change. This is estimate on the minimum hours as per CASA licence requirements. The training can vary depending on each student’s individual needs.